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Road to a Vegan Diet.

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A Vegan Diet is a plant-based diet. Absolutely no animal products are eaten. Do not assume that "going" vegan is healthy. A healthy vegan diet must be planned. It includes lots of vegetables. Protein is gained by eating legumes, nuts, and seeds. You must become familiar with soy products -- such as tofu, seitan, tempeh -- to name a few. If you like cheese, there are a variety of vegan options. When choosing fruit eat fruits that are lower in sugars such as berries, avocado, bananas, and cantaloupe. Be careful with those that are highest in sugars: mangoes and grapes. No matter your dietary lifestyle, all diets must avoid over-salting to flavor foods; and avoid white pasta and bread. Learn healthy substitutions for comfort foods. A beneficial diet relies on you educating you. Whenever possible, consult a nutritionist to help you transition to a healthy vegan lifestyle.

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