Pioneering Healthy, Vegan & Gluten-Free Dining in NOLA Since 2006

Chef Marilyn Doucette of Meals From the Heart Cafe in New Orleans

Meals From the Heart Cafe was born in Chef Marilyn Doucette’s home kitchen in 2006 with a mission to bring healthier, more inclusive dining to the Big Easy. Located in the historic French Quarter Farmers Market, our modest cafe has become a must-visit destination for tourists and locals alike seeking nutritious, allergy-friendly takes on classic Louisiana dishes.

We’re committed to offering iconic New Orleans cuisine prepared with less sodium, refined sugars, and no trans fats or GMOs. While not exclusively vegan, our menu prominently features plant-based and gluten-free options so every guest can enjoy the flavors of the Bayou. Signature items like our crab cakes, okra gumbos, and pancakes all come with vegan and gluten-free preparations.

As one of the first restaurants in New Orleans to offer this breadth of gluten-free and vegan dishes, we’ve earned a loyal following that trusts us with their dietary needs and restrictions. Our professional, stable culinary team takes pride in modifying recipes whenever possible to eliminate allergens. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Beyond the food, Meals From the Heart is a lifestyle and ethos. We believe in a farm-to-table, environmentally sustainable approach. Every dish on the menu starts with wholesome, fresh local ingredients. And it’s all cooked to order, so it may take a bit longer than some other spots, but the purity and quality of the final plate is always worth it.

Every day we strive to provide consistently nourishing food and welcoming service to our community and visitors. We’re honored to be a trusted part of your wellness journey.

Join us at the counter for satisfying conversation and an awe-inspiring, health-focused meal.

With Love,

Chef Marilyn Doucette

What Our Customers Say

So so so so good!

I specifically came to Louisiana to try THIS vegan gumbo. Boyyyyyyy, they nailed it. Not to mention the Vegan Crab Cakes, so so so so good. I told everyone about this place while there, and had quite a few people stop by for all this goodness.

Mekia B.

Can't wait to return.

We enjoyed many meals here but some favorites were the Shrimp Po Boy, the red beans and rice, the veggie gumbo, the crab cake, and the breakfast special with vegan sausage. We can’t wait to return on our next trip to New Orleans and eat here again.

Jillian Rodriguez

A must try.

We ate here multiple times while in NOLA and the food was wonderful! Very food allergy friendly, separate menus depending on your allergy or preference. Coffee was great with dairy alternatives. Gluten-free beignets for the New Orleans experience. A must try. We will come back here when we are in NOLA again!

Meredith Sherry

Some of the best food we have ever had!

Vegan beignets!!! So thankful for the chance to have beignets. I am dairy free, but not vegan. We were able to get everything we wanted on the menu, all dairy free. Sincerely, some of the best food we have ever had.

Fender Berry

Absolutely amazing food

Absolutely amazing food. My wife and I have allergens to the best and most common food ingredients (egg, dairy, gluten and shellfish). Their Vegan & Gluten-Free Beignets were amazing and worth it. We would eat here every day if we could.

Husby C.

This place is extraordinary

This place is extraordinary! I've been in NOLA for a week and being vegan here has been haaaaard! I really wish I'd found this place sooner, I would've come every day! If I'm ever back in NOLA this is where I'll come for sure. If the staff are reading this, thank you so much, you made my trip.

Stevie Tia